Friday, July 30, 2010

Tanya Savicheva

Tanya Savicheva, originally uploaded by tania.neves.

"Twelve-year old Tanya Savicheva started her diary just before Anne Frank. They were of almost the same age and wrote about the same things – about the horrors of fascism. And, again, both these girls died without seeing victory day – Tanya died in July of 1944 and Anne in March of 1945. «The Diary of Anne Frank» was published all over the world and told the author’s story to many people. «The Diary of Tanya Savicheva» was not published at all – it contains only seven scary notes about the deaths of her family members in Leningrad at the time of the Blockade. This small notebook was presented at the Nuremberg trials as a document condemning the terrors of fascism.

Today «The Diary of Tanya Savicheva» is in the museum of history of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg ) and a copy is at the Piskarev cemetery where 570 thousand people who died in Leningrad during the 900-day blockade rest (1941-1943).

The child’s hand, losing strength quickly due to extreme hunger, wrote short words and wrote them unevenly. The delicate soul of the child was paralyzed by extreme suffering and was unable to feel anymore. Tanya just wrote down facts that surrounded her – tragic visits of death to her home.

«Grandma died on the 25th of January at 3’o’clock 1942.»

«Leka died on the 17th of March at 5 in the morning. 1942.»

«Uncle Vasya died on the 13th of April at 2 in the afternoon. 1942.»

«Uncle Lyusha died on the 10th of May at 4 in the afternoon. 1942.»

«Mom died on the 13th of March at 7:30 in the morning. 1942»

« Everyone died . Only Tanya is left .» "


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